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Lease Turn-in Repairs

Lease turn-in repairs don’t have to be a hassle anymore when you work with Autobahn Collision. We ensure that your car is in excellent condition when you return it back the car dealership. Most of the time we are able to beat any dealership repair quote for leased vehicles and you can rest assured our work is guaranteed. Bring in any dealer repair estimate and we’ll be glad to conduct a FREE analysis and provide you a side by side comparison on parts and labor costs.

By entrusting your leased car to the care of Autobahn Collision, you can reduce costs and avoid paying penalties on wear and tear of the vehicle. To start, we conduct a free inspection of the damage. The resulting estimate will help us determine parts to replace (if any), labor costs, time-frame for repairs and other necessary aspects that will restore your vehicle as if it never left the car dealer’s garage.

Services for Leased Cars include but are not limited to:

  • Repairing collision deformities
  • Replacing car parts (Autobahn Collision has a network of car parts distributors and manufacturers that we can tap in order to acquire necessary items to restore your leased car.)
  • Smoothing scratches and adding finishes to restore to factory specifications
  • Low Costs but Quality Labor Services from experienced mechanics